Our Story

When Baylee was 19 weeks pregnant, she settled in for her anatomy scan with optimism. All of her prenatal screenings had come back normal, including the maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein blood test, which can signal possible neural tube defects.

But just seconds into the ultrasound, the technician’s demeanor changed. She noticed enlarged ventricles and a lesion in the baby’s spine. It appeared to be spina bifida, a birth defect in which the spinal column doesn’t form properly, leaving a section of spinal cord and nerves exposed through an opening in the back.

Read the entire story here :  https://www.chop.edu/stories/fetal-surgery-spina-bifida-mason-s-story

About Us

Baylee and Louis have their hands full with two children under the age of 2, and they’re grateful for every second. Thanks to fetal surgery for spina bifida at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), their 6-month-old daughter Mason is hitting all of her developmental milestones and bringing joy to her family.

“Every pediatrician she sees says she’s not only surpassing every milestone, such as making eye contact and opening her hands, but if they did not know she had spina bifida, they would have no idea,” Baylee says.



Our Vision

We are committed to bringing awareness to Spina Bifida, specifically surrounding the diagnosis in utero. Our story will become another families reality and through our platform we will support and educate families moving forward. We are heavily involved in the fishing community and know this platform can truly reach the level of awareness we are hoping to gain.

The money raised will be sent to a family that will be making their journey to CHOP just like we did. The financial burden can be great for a family leaving their jobs and home behind in just a weeks notice. This contribution will hopefully relieve that stress so the family can focus on the journey they are going to embark on and the health of their twice born miracle.

Who We Have Helped

May 2019 we were able to select the 1st recipients of the Mason’s Voice charity. The Hutson family moved from Tampa, Florida to Philadelphia for Fetal Surgery on their unborn baby boy. Their reaction to our contribution is linked below.


In May 2020 we were able to select our 2nd family as recipients of the Mason’s Voice charity. The Clark family moved from their home in Tennessee to Philadelphia for Fetal Surgery on their unborn baby girl. Their reaction to learning they were being selected is below.

To date, we have been able to help 12 families as recipients of the Mason’s Voice charity.

Help our Cause

Your support and contributions will help us reach our goal of helping another family that will be embarking on their journey with Spina Bifida. 

The DONATE NOW link is for anyone that cannot attend the event but would like to contribute.